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Community Development Programs

Be an Active member to building your community.

To consider a group of people a successful community involves specific requirements and qualities. Personal Identity and Family Units are truly important, it is essential for a community to likewise have an identity and values that strengthens and are shared by other members of the same group, and to work in a united way for the same causes and that’s where our Community development program comes in.
We provide services that meet the educational, psychological, spiritual, special and economic needs to enhance those values, strengthen family units, and reduce all forms of abuse.

Our services include:
Life skills or vocational training, peer programs for teenagers and young adults, after school programs, community outreach, special education, family counseling sessions and trainings.


  • ● To strengthen families and enhance healthy values
    ● To economically improve lives, standard of living and secure a future for women and children
    ● To reduce the number of abused women and children.
    ● To improve and increase protective family care
    ● To educate families on the importance of a strengthened unit
    ● To improve the overall community as a foundation for good citizenship and leadership.