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Ms Ganiat Kazeem

Ms Ganiat Kazeem has a background in business information systems, applied sciences and social sciences. She holds a BSc. Hons in Microbiology, an MSc in Information systems specializing in Informatics. She is a mother, STEM ambassador and freelance strategic consulting and management consultant.

She currently doubles as PhD researcher and has published articles regarding the intricacies of ethnographic work in non western settings and technologies in policing.

Her areas of research and work experience span Policing & Crime,
Business Process management, digital asset creation and management, ethnographic work, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Informatics and Information Systems, strategic sustainable development, eGovernment, Human migration – trafficking, modern slavery, exploitation and Decolonization of information and information systems .

In her spare time she also runs a food artisan micro business specializing in adapting and producing African food ingredients and dishes.

When she is not working she volunteers as a STEM ambassador and give some of my time to charitable causes as operating officer for independent foodbank and soup kitchen. For downtime, she can be found in her garden trying to grow tropical vegetables and or making or upcycling clothing using African prints.